Vitrification technologies and glass waste form

Chair: Paul A. Bingham (Sheffield Hallam University) & Christophe Girold (CEA DPE)

Waste vitrification technologies

Glass waste form and issues

Glass recycling

Simulation/modeling of vitrification process

Chair: Richard Pokorny (University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague) & Emilien Sauvage (CEA ISEC)

CFD simulation of vitrification process

Modeling of Physical-chemical properties of glass and melt

Thermodynamic and chemical mechanism modeling of glass and melt

Chair: John McCloy (Washington State University) & Ekaterina Burov (Saint-Gobain Research Paris)

Modeling thermodynamic of glass and melt

Modeling chemical mechanisms

Overwiew on glass alteration

Glass alteration

Chair: John Vienna (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) & Daniel Caurant (Institut de recherche de Chimie Paris - IRCP)

Overview on glass alteration

Modeling approaches

New glasses for energy transition and new advance on high temperature characterization

Chair: Ashutosh Goel (RUTGERS University) & Elise Regnier (CEA ISEC)

New advance on glass development for energy transition